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We encourage all of our team to set up a JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving Page

Virgin London Marathon 2017 - 23rd April

This years team is made up of: Lily's Dad Dave Merritt, Sean Kemplay, Holly Edwards, Cat Lambourne -Skilton, Jon Steed, Olivia Poole, Marili Vosmi, Luke Day, Gareth Cottem-Taylor, Kieran Maher, Nicola Bradley, Patrick Hyde, James Thomas, Kat Kitto, Helen Dobson, James Beasley, Peter Milton, Christian Troughton, Keith Smith, Afrim Neli, Scott Cavanagh, Vince Ellerby, Carl Stainton & Conor Boon. All running inspired by different people but with one common goal - to help beat Mitochondrial Disease. Good luck to you all. 

5th Lily Fight Night - 27th April

Back for its 5th year, 20 brave novice boxers will be quite literally fighting for a cure. It’s always an amazing evening and a real favourite in The Lily calendar. Our boxers this year include are first female boxers: Tarina Rose, & Michelle Buckley. Our male line up includes: Jamie Naylor, George Majstorvic, James Motley, Michael Rossiter, John Curtis, Alex Brooks, Mark Scott, Dominic Eaves, Tom Quirk, Robin Invest, James Cole, Ron Crumlin, Mo Ahmed, Tan Mustafa, Mo Yusuff, Mark Alford, Tony Fadden, Tom Pollard and Jack Shipley. We know it is going to be an amazing evening!! 

Rat Race Dirty Weekend - 6th May 

Lucy johnson, Stuart johnson, Clare lacey, Kirsty Williamson, Scott Williamson, Erin thorogood and Oliver Thorogood are taking part in this challenging event for us inspired by Lucy and Stuart's gorgeous son Harry who has Mitochondrial Disease. We wish you all lots of luck and have fun! 

Magnificent Mileathon - 6th May

The French Family are organising this event at Riverside Park, Macclesfield in memory of their gorgeous son Ted. They aim to get as many people as possible to run as many miles as is possible between 7am & 7pm. 

They have two routes, the 1.2 mile route is perfect for beginner and kids and the big 7.8 mile route for those wanting a bigger challenge. Some people are going to push themselves even further by running several laps throughout the day. Good luck to your all. If you would like to join them why not visit their Facebook Page

Forth Road Bridge Walk - 6th May

Jane Graham is taking part in this event in memory of her friends little girl Ellie-Lou Waugh.Thanks so much Jane and good luck! 

Tough Mudder London West - 7th May

Louise Ormrod and a group of 14 friends are taking part in this Tough Mudder inspired by her gorgeous son Freddie who has Mitochondrial Disease. This is the first of two events she is completing in 2017. Thank you Louise and good luck. 

Josh Roy and 14 others from REaD Group are also taking on this challenge on the same day.  This will make a fantastic Team Lily presence for us at this event. Thank you so much to REaD group for your continued support of our charity.

Two Tunnels Run - 14th May

Laura Terry has been inspired by the gorgeous Daisy Palmer to run the 10k event of the Two Tunnels Railway Races.  The Devonshire & Coombe Down tunnels, reopened in 2013 are now used as a shared path and provide the largest underground section of any race in the UK. Good luck to Laura on this, the first of two 10K runs she is completing for us this year. 

Gloustershire Spartan Sprint - 20th May

Gary Pettyjohns is taking part in this event inspired by his friends Jodi and Nick who lost their little boy Kian to Mitochondrial Disease. Good luck with your training Gary and have fun!

Tough Mudder Midlands - 20th May

Phil, Linda, Tom, Rob, Jen and Vick have all decided to undertake Tough Mudder in memory of Phil's son Ben who sadly lost his battle with Mitochondrial Disease in September 2016.  Thank you all. Good luck with your training!

David Owens and his wife are also participating in this event in memory of their friends' little boy, Sebastian Streete who sadly lost his fight earlier this year. What a fabulous way to show your support of Naz and Melissa, as well as our charity. Thank you both. 

London to Brighton 100k - 27th May

Neil Harper was a complete superman for us in 2016. For 2017 he and his friends John Lawler and Vince Ellerby are taking on this 100km challange for us inspired by the Dodd family and their son James who has Mitochondrial Disease. Thanks so much for doing this ultra challenge for us to help find that cure. 

Great Manchester Run - 28th May

After meeting the amazing Gage family on holiday, Stuart Burt was inspired to make a difference and help us find a cure for Mitochondrial Disease. He decided that this half marathon was a great way to do it. 

Manchester 10k - 28th May

Jodie Mack and her friend Conor are both running the 10k race, inspired by Jodie's cousin Amber Jones who is living with Mitochondrial Disease. Thank you both. We hope you have a fabulous day.

Also taking part is Katie Brewer, Ruth Robinson and Lucy Linnell-Taylor running for Katie's little boy Toby. Wishing you all lots of luck. 

Vitality London 10,000 - 29th May

We are delighted to have a team of 35 (and counting) fundraisers participating in this event.  Every member of the team has their own inspiration and together will ensure that Team Lily has a significant presence on race day.  We are so very grateful to Karen Carver, Alison Eiffert, Sophie Dodd, Clare Symonds, Clara Vanderpant, Simon Norris, Mandy Norris, Azed Butt, James Heyburn, Georgina Nicolettos, Jessica Goldsack, Angela Hodder, Jenny Man, Alex Hierani, Sophie Smallman, Paul Brooks, Claire Riley, Ed Riley, Catherine Payne, Janice Morely, Nigel Sargent, Polly Sargent, Nicola Parker, Jennifer Osborn, Jenny Gillies, Michelle Bamber, Simon Imossi, Claire Rolland, Dimi Booth, Donna Elwell, Alison Chessell, Cat Lambourne-Skilton, Kitty Banks, Steve Rowland and Mathew Tranter

Sky Dive - 30th May

The very brave Emily Birch and Nick Lawler will complete a sky dive on 30th May.  Both are inspired by Nick's nephew Ben who sadly lost his battle with Mitochondrial Disease at just 11 years old.  Best of luck and many thanks to you both.

Torbay Half Marathon - 25th June

Sam Beer, Jo Steed, Jon “Chap” Steed, Gemma Stevens, Elly Stevens are all running this race as part of Team Jacum. This fundraising group set up in memory of Jacob Wright does so much for our charity. We wish you all lots of luck and know for some of you this is your first half marathon. 

Iron Man Bolton - 16th July

Last year Steve Thornley completed 14 events for us in memory of Jacob Wright. This year he is going for just one but its a biggy! His first full Iron Man!!!!!! We wish you lots of luck with your training Steve and know Bob and Claire will be there to cheer you on. Thanks for all you do. 

Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100 - 30th July

Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100 starts at 06:00 in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, then follows a 100-mile route on closed roads through the capital and into Surrey’s stunning countryside. With leg-testing climbs and a route made famous by the world’s best cyclists at the London 2012 Olympics, it's a truly spectacular event for all involved. The Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 finishes on The Mall in central London. So far we have a team of 15 confirmed to participate this year. Thank you so much to Rick Hermon, Andrew Whitehead, Jack Rands, Colin Wells, Adam Leventhal, Ian Caldwell, Warren Roffey, Terry Dodge, David Gillies, Stewart Gillies, Duane Turner, David Curtis, Diana Cockerall, Louise O'Garra & Mark Gage.

Bristol Half Marathon  - 17th September

Stephen Harrington is running this half marathon for us after attending some of our events. Here he saw first hand the effect of Mitochondrial Disease on families and wants to make a difference. Thank you Stephen and good luck.

Charity Appeal

Daisies for Daisy

Emmy Palmer set up this fundraising group because of her gorgeous daughter Daisy who has mitochondrial disease. The group make and sell "Daisy" inspired gifts to raise money for our charity. Emmy says " I want to raise awareness and funds for research into Mitochondrial disease. In the hope that one day there will be a cure for this debilitating disease" Together we will find that cure Emmy - Thank you 

Team Jacum's Shop

Team Jacum's Shop is a on line shop that sells beautiful hand made gifts made by Liz and Dave Doe. They lost their beautiful Grandson Jacob to Mitochondrial Disease and since his death have decided to use their talents to help other people. We want to say thank you for supporting our charity and joining the fight for a cure in Jacobs memory.  

For Jessica Crafts 

For Jessica Crafts makes beautiful paper-cut gifts lovingly hand designed & cut to celebrate special moments. Inspired by the gorgeous Jessica Newell her aunty Libby is doing this for the 4 special charities her family support including us! Thanks Libby 

Team Hope

Team Hope is a fundraising group inspired by the super special Hope Matthews who has PDH, one of the many different types of Mitochondrial Disease. They are planning lot sof events from runs to cake sales to raise money to help us support families just like hers and find better treatment and cure. Thanks Team Hope you are all amazing.

Team Henry 

Team Henry are raising as much money as they can in 2017 to try to help us find a cure and help families affected by Mitochondrial Disease. Henry has PDH and is such an inspirations to everyone he meets. Good luck Team Henry we are looking forward to sharing all you acheive. 

2017 CPSA Premier League Sporting Clay's Fundraiser

Chris Morgan and Josh Hufton are giving all their winnings and taking a collection bucket to all their shoots in 2017. They are also along with the support of Richard Worthington Clay Pigeon Shooting Association are encouraging others to do the same. This is all in memory of Josh's beautiful daughter Isla who was lost in 2016 to Mitochondrial Disease 

The dates of their shoots are  

Southdown Gun Club - Sunday 26th February
West London Shooting School - Saturday 18th March
E J Churchills Shooting Ground - Saturday 8th April
Barrow Heath Shooting Ground - Sunday 21st May
Sporting Targets - Saturday 10th June (formerly 17th)
Cambridge Gun Club - Saturday 8th July
Honesberie Shooting School - Sunday 13th August
Owls Lodge Shooting School - Saturday 16th September

and Premier Shoots:
Southdown Gun Club - Sunday 26th February
West London Shooting School - Saturday 18th March
E J Churchills Shooting Ground - Saturday 8th April
Barrow Heath Shooting Ground - Sunday 21st May
Sporting Targets - Saturday 10th June (formerly 17th)
Cambridge Gun Club - Saturday 8th July
Honesberie Shooting School - Sunday 13th August
Owls Lodge Shooting School - Saturday 16th September