We are looking for some loud and proud supporters who can cheer on our Lily Teams at this years Virgin London Marathon and Vitality 10k (both in Central London).

London Marathon - 23rd April

This is an extremely busy run especially if the sun is shining! You will need to be prepared to get to your spot early to ensure a good amount of space and stay there until you think you have seen all Lily runners go past (we can track all our runners). We will provide either a backpack flag or balloons to wave and some sweets you can pass to runners to keep them going!

If you volunteer for The London Marathon please be prepared to give up most of your day.

Vitality 10k - 29th May

This is a much shorter and much, much less busy race. It is easy to find spaces to stand and be seen. It would still be an earlyish start but most people finish the race in under 1 hour 30 mins. So we may be able to use one cheering squad in two places.

For this day you would only have to give up a few hours of your day.

For both events, join us in the pub for food & a well deserved drink (especially after all of your shouting!) 

If you are interested in being part of one of our cheering squads please contact Michelle@thelilyfoundation.org.uk and we will provide you with all the information you need.

Other volunteering opportunities

We have many other volunteering opportunities and welcome any help you can offer. Maybe you would like to run a stall for us, help at one of our sporting events, or our ball. Whatever time you have to offer we would be most grateful.

If you are interested then please complete this questionnaire to register your details.