A new drug called Omaveloxone is currently being developed by a US based pharmaceutical company called Reata Pharmaceuticals.

The drug acts on Nrf2 which is a protein which protects against tissue damage caused by injury or inflammation.

Omaveloxone has been shown in pre-clinical studies to protect cells against oxidative stress, increase the efficiency of energy production and increase mitochondrial biogenesis (production of new mitochondria).

It is hoped that:

- increasing the number of healthy mitochondria will counteract dysfunctional mitochondria.

- improving the overall efficiency of energy production, patients with mitochondrial myopathies will see an improvement in muscle function. 

Currently this drug has just started a clinical trial across the USA and Denmark, which will evaluate the safety, efficacy and pharmacodynamics (what the body does to the drug), in patients with mitochondrial myopathies. The trial completion date is estimated in Dec 2017.

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