What Research Is Going On In The World?

It is a very exciting time for Mitochondrial Disease research. Greater awareness of the condition and improved diagnosis have resulted in an increasing number of global research centres undertaking valuable work on potential drug treatments. 

In addition, in February 2015 the law was changed in the UK to permit the use of Mitochondrial Donation techniques to prevent the transmission of maternally inherited disease.

Whilst a lot of information is published in medical journals, many of these breakthrough's are still a number of years away from clinical trails so we have focused our information on the treatments that are looking the most promising and that we hope will be of benefit to patients in the near future.

More information on EPI743, Elamipretide (formerly Bendavia), Omaveloxone, Glutathione (RP103) and gene therapy can be found in our Question & Answer Section Q22.