Ways To Partner With Us

Whether your company has worked with a charity before or not, we would love you to become part of Team Lily and make a real difference to families and children across the UK affected by Mitochondrial Disease. 

If you are interested please contact [email protected]  or telephone 0300 400 1234

Charity of The Year

Why not choose our charity as your Charity Of The Year. In 12 months you organisation could make a big difference to the work we do in research, support and awareness.

Fundraising Event

Even if you don't have a Charity Of The Year a one of fundraising event can be fantastic in terms of building teams and promoting the rewards to doing something for others. We can provide information and resources to help you event. 

Event Sponsorship

Throughout the year we hold various special events where there are sponsorship opportunities. Its a fantastic way for doing something fantastic for our charity and promoting your own business. 

Gifts in Kind

Maybe you could donate products or services both in terms of our charity auctions or to give to our families. These gifts can make a real difference to an individual or an event.