Fundraising at School or Work


Over the past few years we have seen just how important schools are to charities and how important charities are to schools.


There are so many ways schools can get involved and help us raise awareness and those vital funds to find a cure. Popular fundraisers in school include, cake sales, sponsored silence, baby photo competition, sponge the teacher, book sale, fairs and fetes, snail racing or Lily's own 'Onsie Wednesday'! 

We can provide fundraising packs and promotional items to support your event - email [email protected] for more information or to tell us about your event. 

Hold a Lily Foundation Assembly

In 2014 we launched our 'Schools Awareness Programme' with an aim to educate young people about Mitochondrial Disease, the effect it can have on individuals and their families and to explain the science of the mitochondria and how important they are to the survival of the human body.

Our programme engages young people, through a presentation, fundraising ideas and fun worksheets and helps them to understand the role they can play in charitable work and how they can make a difference.

We can present to children aged 4-16 and it is an amazing way to introduce The Lily Foundation into your community.

The programme has been really successful and feedback has been excellent. If you know a school who you think may like to take part, then please email [email protected]

At Work

It always amazes us just how much money can be raised by work colleagues getting together for something they care about.

This does not have involve hours of your time, there are a number of ways you can raise money for a very limited effort.

You can introduce dress down days, a swear box, silly tie days or event donate a days wages. Organised  events, such as a quiz night, clothing exchange party, sweepstake, baby photo competition, a coffee morning, a bake sale, a wine tasting party, a race night or an 'Auction of Promises!' always prove very popular.

Many companies offer a match scheme where for each employee they will match up to a certain amount of any money raised.

The Lily Foundation would be honoured to be a beneficiary of anything you chose and we will support you every step of the way with fundraising packs and promotional items. Please contact l[email protected] for further information or to let us know what you are up to.