Fundraising Ideas

We have put together a list of fundraising ideas to help you decide how you would like to get involved. Every single penny raised makes a difference so please let us know what you are planning by emailing [email protected]

Quiz or Race Night

Why not get family and friends together for a really fun night.  Various companies can be found online to give you all the resources you’ll need. With a raffle added onto the evening people regularly raise £350+.

Host a Gala Dinner/Ball

This is always a great way of raising both money and awareness. Get your community to get glamorous and have a night to remember. Including a raffle and/or auction these events regularly raise £2000-£5000. We have created a guide to help you with your event.

Host a Buffet & Themed Disco                                              

You could choose Halloween, 70’s, 80’s Night, Superhero’s or TV characters. Get your friends and family to dress up and come and dance the night away. People will always help with providing the food for the evening keeping your costs right down. Everyone loves a boogie and these events regularly raise £350+.

Golf or Shooting Day                                                  

These type of events are hugely popular. It helps if you or someone you know is involved in the sport but even a novice can make them a success. When a sit down meal is included in the evening they can raise in excess of £1000. More if you also have a raffle or auction.                                                                                                             

Meal at a Local Restaurant

Agree a discounted set menu with your local Curry House or Italian Restaurant and charge a little extra per head. If you add in some entertainment you can always charge more. People love to get together and often buy tables for their friends. We often see totals of up to £500 more if a raffle or auction is included.

Host a Dinner Party for 10 people                             

If you are a bit of a chef then why not invite a group of friends to eat with you on a Saturday night for the bargain price of £10 a person that you will donate to the charity. A really easy way of raising £100 and you never know if it’s good you might get a tip!!!

Host Afternoon Tea

Who doesn’t like cake and scones? If you are a baker why not invite friends and family for an afternoon of refinement in your house or garden and charge £10 for two people or maybe more if you include some Prosecco.  A lovely way of spending an afternoon and all for our little charity. People raise £50+ for one of these events.

Hold Karaoke in your local

If you know your local landlord why not ask them if they will put on a karaoke night where you will invite lots of people to spend money in their pub and you get a percentage of the drink sales for the evening. With no admission fee people would love to join you and it requires minimum effort for you. We have seen £150+ raised at events like this in the past.

Hold a Skills Auction/Auction of promises

If you have friends who are Hairdressers, Beauty Therapists, and Gardeners or just will offer some cleaning or odd jobs around the house why not hold one of these types of auction. People love to be able to get involved and we see totals of £200+ raised. If you combine this with an evening event like a disco or quiz you can raise even more.

Charity Pamper Event

These kind of events are held at local Salons. You charge entry and provide wine and nibbles. The salon owner can do taster sessions of treatments and sell their full treatments/products. Perfect for a girly night and can raise up to £250

Shave your Head, Chest Waxing, Sit in a Bath of Custard etc.

Do something to entertain your friends at your own expense and get sponsored. Easy to organise and you can raise up to an average of £200   

Cake Sale at Work     

Always a popular favourite. Don’t bake alone get friends and family involved and simply invite your colleagues to have a treat at work. Who can turn down cake for charity? You can very quickly raise £100+

A Car Boot sale

Get your friends to donate their unwanted items to you and then get up early and sell sell sell. It’s a fantastic way to raise money without asking anyone to actually donate cash! Pitches are usually only £10 and many organisers if you ask in advance will give you a charity pitch for free or a discounted rate. Turn other peoples junk into £150 in one Sunday!

Ask your School to hold a Non-uniform Day

Such a popular way of raising money. Get your local school involved and you can easily raise £150+. You might even be able to raise some awareness with the Dr’s, Nurses and researches of tomorrow!.

Tombola at School/Village Fair         

Everyone can donate an item for a tombola. Ask your friends for non-perishable food items, unwanted gifts or toiletries and hold a Tombola. Everyone loves to try and win something and we often see people raising up to £180! A great way of raising awareness in your community too!