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Thank you for choosing to support The Lily Foundation.

We hope you will find the information on this page helpful to raise awareness of Mitochondrial Disease and promote your fundraising.

Information about The Lily Foundation

We have several useful branded A4 information sheets that you may find useful to let your supporters know why you are fundraising for us:

Lily's Story

What is Mitochondrial Disease 

Our Mission

Help With Successful Fundraising

The following printable help sheets and resources will help you to make your event or challenge a success. From a poster template to how to promote your event we want to help you every step of the way. If you need further help please email us:

Fundraising ideas

Blank Event Poster

Sponsorship Form

Promoting Your Event 

How to get your money to us


These can be a useful resource to help people visually understand Mitochondrial Disease. They can be shared with friends and colleagues to raise awareness of these conditions and to make the disease real to your audience.

What is Mitochondrial Disease - Animation 

This animation was created to use as a resource to explain what Mitochondria are and what happens when they go wrong. It is being used within our schools programme to help educate and raise awareness of Mitochondrial Disease.

Impact of Mitochondrial Disease 

This video explains the impact this disease can have on those affected. All the children featured in the video are living with Mitochondrial Disease or have lost their lives to this condition. This film shows Mitochondrial Disease through they eyes of the families it affects.


We can provide high resolution logos on a white, black or clear background on request. Just email [email protected] and we will get the information sent to you.