Awareness and schools programme

Raising Awareness

In the UK, 10 million people suffer from diseases where mitochondrial disfunction is believed to be involved and yet most people have never heard of it.

We need this to change as without awareness there is no funding, without funding there is no research and without research there is no cure!

It is vital that the medical community are fully aware of Mitochondrial Diseases. We fund training of medical professionals to ensure they have the most up to date information on global advances in this area.

It important to the charity to inspire and motivate the doctors, scientist and fundraisers of the future, so we run a schools awareness programme. If you want us to visit your school, please get in touch.

Lily Schools Programme

schools_programme_header.pngThe aim of our schools programme is to increase awareness and understanding of Mitochondrial Disease in the wider community. We hope that by educating the decision makers of the future we can make Mitochondrial Disease universally understood.

We visit schools and deliver a short assembly presentation to children aged 5-16 where they are shown our animation 'What is Mitochondrial Disease?'. Children can ask questions and teachers will be given an information pack. 


If you are interested in getting your school involved, please contact [email protected] or call 0300 400 1234 (local rate) for more information. Claire lost her 16 month old son Jacob, to a mitochondrial disorder in 2012 and she has been an amazing advocate of the work we do as a charity and of raising awareness of this condition.