Ben Carter


I’m Ben and I have the privilege of being Chair of this truly phenomenal charity. I've served on the Board since 2011 and have a personal connection to mitochondrial disease through close family friends. I’m committed to working with Liz and all the Lily team to help deliver on our ultimate aim of finding a cure to this awful disease. In my day job I work in marketing helping to grow some of the UK’s fastest growing businesses; I’ve just joined CarWow as their Global Chief Marketing Officer- tasked with revolutionising how consumers buy and sell cars.  I continually look for ways to help take Lily to the next level for our patients, families and supporters and have run several half marathons, 10ks and even a marathon to help spread the word! I'm also a Director of Women in Football - helping to level the playing field for women on and off the pitch.

Jonathan Pearce

Founding President

I work as a football commentator on BBC's Match of The Day. I am also Lily's uncle former Chairman of The Lily Foundation. In August 2007, just 3 months after Lily died, Liz and I sat on the beach and talked about our vision of setting up a charity. A charity to fund research and support look at us.  I am unbelievably proud of what we have achieved and so proud be a part of this growing charity.

Rupinder Bains

DIRECTOR - lead Safeguarding Trustee

I am Rupinder Bains, the Managing Director of Pinder Reaux & Associates Ltd (a specialist media and sports law firm) and I began working for this amazing charity in the capacity of a legal advisor. I was then honoured to have been invited on to the Board of Directors, to work with a strong, determined and dedicated team: helping families suffering from mitochondrial disease. Whilst being a solicitor and heading up my own company pretty much takes up most of my life, I am also on the Board of Directors at The Football Association. What spare time I have, I spend with my husband and two children.

John Spyrou


Hi, I am John.  As a lawyer it is easy to get caught up in day to day business without really seeing what is important. Being involved with the Lily Foundation is a way to give something back and be involved in a fantastic cause, that is leading the way in helping children suffering from Mitochondrial disease and hopefully one day finding a cure

Helen Rider


I am a Managing Director within the financial services industry and more importantly, I am Lily’s Auntie. After Lily was born our family experienced some of it’s saddest and most difficult times. I was inspired by the strength of my tiny niece Lily, who in her short life fought  against her fate to teach us about courage and that no matter how little time we have, we can make a huge impact  if we try. Lily’s spirit has lived on and the Lily Foundation is a ‘can do charity’, who has taken on the unknown and is winning. 

John Symons


Having been fortunate enough to have a great friendship with Jonathan Pearce following acting for him as his accountant since 1989, when approached by Jonathan to be a founder member of the Lily Foundation I believed it to be a great opportunity to get involved 'and give something back in life'. I was also confident that I could help spread the word about our charity, by my own clients becoming interested and supportive of such a worthwhile cause. 

Dean Curtis


Hello, I am Dean and work as a CEO of a division of RELX Group, a FTSE 20 global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools. I have enjoyed a career in football, banking, data and technology and love building and working within high performance teams who make a difference. Lily is exactly that, and after meeting Liz and the team I wanted to do all I can to help them provide funding for research, educate and raise awareness for mitochondrial disease, in addition to supporting families when they need it most. The Lily family is large, ever expanding and making a huge difference at a crucial time.  

Claire Gore

I am Claire Riley and work for the NHS as an Chief People Officer based in London. I have been involved with this amazing charity for about 18 months having been inspired by Liz and her family’s commitment to both provide support, advice and guidance to families but ultimately to find a cure to this terrible condition. I am honoured to be part of this board and to work  with such a committed and driven team that I am sure will enable the charity to achieve its ambition.