Information Videos

Here you can watch video lectures given by the UK's top experts on mitochondrial disease. The lectures were recorded at Lily Foundation events and are designed for patients, families or anyone who wants to learn more about mito. They cover various aspects of the disorder, including advice on managing it, how to obtain a genetic diagnosis and current treatment strategies. 

To view PDF slides from each lecture click on the pink title above each video.

2018 'Lily Family Weekend' Lectures

This is Mitochondrial Disease - Prof Joanna Poulton

Testing and genetic diagnosis for mito - Dr Charu Deshpande, Carl Fratter, Dr Ines Barbosa


Dealing with Diagnosis and Ongoing Care - Rebecca Moore

Practical Advice - Dr Bobby McFarland

Epilepsy in Mitochondrial Disease - Dr Sarah Aylett

Current Treatment Strategies - Dr Robert Pitceathly

2017 'Lily Family Weekend' Lectures

Dr Andrew Schaefer 2017 - Overview of Mitochondrial Disease

Dr Jane Newman 2017 - Physiotherapy and Exercise

Sister Cathering Feeney 2017 - Nutrition and Hydration

Robyn Aldridge 2017 - Ketogenic Diet

Dr Victoria Nesbitt 2017 - Practical Advice

Dr Yi Shiau Ng 2017 - Treatment Discovery

Dr Robert Pitceathly 2017 - Current Treatments

Dr Bobby McFarland 2017 - Clinical Trials

2015 'Lily Family Weekend' Lectures