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Accelerated Free Fall Solo Skydive


Location: UK-wide, all year round 
Registration Fee: £70 

Book your Accelerated Free Fall Solo Skydive today! Please note there is a minimum fundraising target for this activity starting from £535. The amount is dependent on the location of the jump.

This is the real thing and should only be undertaken by those who really want to learn what skydiving is all about! Learning to skydive solo is a big challenge and you will start with a full day’s training including practical and classroom sessions covering all areas of making a solo skydive from 10,000 feet.

On the second day, once your instructors are satisfied that you are ready, you will climb aboard the aircraft to be taken to your jump altitude. Whilst you will skydive solo (ie. with nobody attached to you), your two instructors will jump with you and be by your side until approximately 5,000 feet when you pull your parachute canopy. From that point you will steer your parachute on your own but will be guided to the drop zone by ground control who will talk you down all the way.

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