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Take a stand against mito (Past event)

Date: 30 Dec 2019

 Take a stand against mito

Setting up a Lily awareness stand is a great way to raise awareness about mito in your community. Our awareness packs include everything you need for your stand, including leaflets, wristbands, stickers, bunting, balloons, pin badges, fundraising pack, poster, collection box and Lily T-shirt. 

Why not ask permission to set up a stand at your local school, supermarket, sports centre or doctors' surgery? Any location where there's plenty of passing foot traffic is suitable.

Over 10 million people in the UK suffer from diseases in which mitochondrial dysfunction is believed to be involved, and every day in the UK a baby is born that will develop mitochondrial disease. The Lily Foundation is fighting to change this - our aim being to one day find a cure.

Raising awareness is an important part of our mission, so 'take a stand' today! If you need any extra merchandise or materials, please visit our online shop . 

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