World Mitochondrial Disease Week

World Mitochondrial Disease Week raises awareness of mitochondrial disease on a global scale through educational, fundraising and advocacy activities. Here are some great ways to get involved and help put mito in the spotlight!

Hold a Table Top Sale

Turn your household clutter into coins this World Mitochondrial Disease Week, with the Big Lily Table Top Sale! Clear out that unwanted bric-a-brac and transform your garage, garden or street into a pop-up mito charity shop! Every item sold will help bring positive change to the lives of people with mito – all while freeing up space in your spare room!

No clutter to sell? Get baking and hold a cake sale instead! Spread the word and get your local community involved – the bigger the event, the more money we can raise!

Sign up today to receive your awareness kit containing all you need to Lily-fy your stand, including pin badges, wrist bands, stickers, bunting, balloons and more. 

Around the World for Mito - our virtual challenge

Our mass-participation virtual event kicks off on Sunday 19th September, details of how to sign up available soon. We aim to complete 24,901 miles – the circumference of the Earth! You can contribute as many miles as you like to help us circle the globe, and it's up to you how you do it.  Run, walk, hop, swim, roll, ride or bounce you get the idea!  Ask others to sponsor your challenge, and you'll be making a difference with every step.

Share Mito Facts

Share our Mito Facts squares during World Mitochondrial Disease Week to help educate, inform and raise awareness. Even if just one person learns something new about mito, you'll have made an important difference! You can download our Mito Facts squares here.

Light Up Green for WMDW 2020

Landmarks and monuments around the world are lighting up green during WMDW to raise awareness about mito. Why not get involved and light up a building in your area? It could be a castle, bridge, town hall or even your local pub. Contact your council or building manager, tell them about WMDW and see if they can make it happen! Remember to let your local newspaper know too, so they can take a photo. Download our press release to include in your email.