The Lily Foundation

Mitochondrial Donation News -  15th December 2016

We are delighted that the HFEA have announced mitochondrial donation can now be offered to affected families.

We are very proud to have been part of this process and although it has taken a long time to get this far, we are reassured that the rigorous scrutiny of these techniques will mean that families applying now, through licenced clinics, will have the best chance of success.

You can read more about todays history making decision here

The Charity

The Lily Foundation was founded in Lily's memory, having lost her battle to Mitochondrial Disease at just eight months old. The charity aims to give hope, answers and support to the many other children and families that face the challenges of this disease today.

What's Mitochondrial Disease?

Did you know every twenty minutes a child is born who will develop Mitochondrial Disease by the age of 16! There is no cure for this disease which is for many debilitating and life limiting. We have created an animation to explain how important mitochondria are, and what happens when they go wrong. 

Our Three Main Aims

To fund research, to support families and raise awareness both in the general public and the medical community. We are committed to improve diagnosis, increase treatment options and ultimately find a cure.

Our Inspiration

The following video was created for our 2016 Ball to show how our families have inspired us and how we, through your support can be there for them.