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Lily Anna Merritt was a beautiful little girl and despite being given days to live, she graced this world with eight months of life. The Lily Foundation was built on Lily's strength and inspired by her fighting spirit.  Although The Lily Foundation was founded in Lily's memory, it is not for Lily. It is to give hope, answers and support to the many other children and families that face the challenges of this disease today.

There is no cure or treatment for Mitochondrial Disease.

As we celebrate our 6th year, we are very proud to introduce our new animation.

This video was created to simply and visually explain how important Mitochondria are, and what happens when they go wrong.

This video will be used nationally to help educate and raise awareness of Mitochondrial Disease.... To watch the video click on the play icon...

Our Vision

Our vision is to change this. The Lily Foundation is committed to finding a cure for Mitochondrial Disease. We have a three point mission - fund research to improve diagnosis and treatment options, raise awareness of these conditions to they are more easily recognised, and support families with sick children.

Recent research has shown that 1 in 200 healthy newborns in the UK are born with genetic changes that can cause Mitochondrial Disease and are at risk of passing these changes onto their offspring.

Our Challenge

Our first challenge was to raise funds for research that would improve speed and accuracy of diagnosis rates and ultimately find a cure. We are supporting a number of UK hospitals and research centres to strive towards achieving this goal.

Help us to make a difference. Have a look at The Lily Foundation events or challenge yourself and get involved. There may be something that might just interest you!

Latest News

Regulations on Mitochondrial Donation Laid Before Parliament

The regulations around Mitochondrial Donation have been laid in front of Parliament. A decision will now be made for a  date for the vote, we were told by the Department of Health that it will hopefully be January or February. We will of course keep you updated and inform you of any further action needed. Click HERE for the statement from the Department of Health and HERE for the Regulations. Thank you for all of your support so far.

The Lily Wonderland Ball

Tickets are now on sale for The Lily Wonderland Ball, Saturday 14th March at the Park Plaza Hotel. Hosted by our very own Jonathan Pearce and Josh Widdicombe, buy your tickets HERE. For more information about the event and special room rates for the hotel please visit our events page.

Sponsor the Lily Team

There are many people doing amazing challenges to raise money for our charity.  Click here and you can sponsor anyone who has an online sponsorship page.

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