Global Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week

15-21 September 2019

Why raise awareness?

Raising awareness is a powerful way to help people affected by mitochondrial disease. Keeping mito in the public eye helps drive research, boost donations to mito charities, increase the chances of early and accurate diagnosis (by educating doctors and patients), and encourage health policymakers to keep improving clinical services. So even if you only tell one person about mito, you've made an important difference. Here are some great ways to raise awareness about mito in the run-up to GMDAW 2019.

1. Take a stand

 Setting up a Lily awareness stand is a great way to raise awareness about mito in your community. Our awareness packs include everything you need for your stand, including leaflets, wristbands, stickers, bunting, balloons, pin badges, fundraising pack, poster, collection box and Lily T-shirt. 

Why not ask permission to set up a stand at your local school, supermarket, sports centre or doctors' surgery? Any location where there's plenty of passing foot traffic is suitable.

We're aiming to get Lily awareness stands set up across the UK in time for Global Mitochondrial Awareness Week. If you'd like to get involved please click here to fill an online form. It only takes a moment!

2. Share mito facts

Social media is a powerful medium for raising awareness. We've put together some hard-hitting facts about mitochondrial disease that you can share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

You can add your own personal message in your post, but don't forget to include the #MitoAware hashtag.

We'll be sharing a new fact on every day of Global Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week, but you can download them here and share them yourself whenever you like. 

Click here for more mito facts to share.

3. Light up green 

As in previous years, buildings and landmarks around the world will be lighting up green during Global Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week.

If there's a significant building or landmark in your area, why not ask the site's administrator to take part? It could be a local church, cathedral, bridge, tower or historic building.

Lighting up green is an effective way to raise awareness because local newspapers will often pick up the story, and people share their photos on social media.