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Corporate partnerships

The Lily Foundation is built on strong partnerships, and as a fast-growing charity we’re always open to new collaborations. Since we started back in 2007, we’ve already connected with nearly 100 private sector partners that have supported us in some way, and we’d love to work with you too.

Every partnership we have is unique, but whatever size your company is, there are lots of ways you can get involved and help make a difference to people affected by mitochondrial disease.

To discuss any of the opportunities listed below, or if you have any great ideas of your own, please contact [email protected].

Why partner with us?

Your company’s support can help improve the lives of mitochondrial disease patients and their families all over the UK, as well as funding pioneering research and helping to raise awareness of this rare inherited condition. The PR we receive from our corporate partnerships also helps to raise our profile as a viable charity partner.

But it’s not a one-way street – there are many benefits to your business too, like increasing your company profile and staff morale, opening up new networks and offering lots of fundraising and volunteering opportunities to your staff. Here are just some of the ways you could get involved:

Nominate us as your Charity of the Year

We’ll work with you to help develop a Charity of the Year partnership programme that meets your company’s objectives whilst giving you the opportunity to make a big difference to families now and in the future. Our creative and passionate fundraising team will support you every step of the way by providing ongoing support and ideas for fundraising to engage your customers and colleagues, and promotion of your company and acknowledgement of our partnership via our website and social media channels. Where possible we’d also love to come and deliver a talk to your team about the work we do.

Sponsor one of our charity events

This is a great way to showcase your brand. The Lily Foundation host a number of high profile fundraisers and family events throughout the year, and we’re always seeking new corporate partners. Whether you’d like to sponsor an entire event, a piece of equipment or a specific activity, we’d be delighted to work with you.

Volunteer with us

Whether it’s joining our cheer squad on the sidelines of the London Marathon or volunteering at our annual Family Support Weekend, we can never have too many supporters.

Attend a Lily event

Our Lily Comedy Night takes place every February at the Comedy Store in London, and we host a Charity Ball in March, also in the capital. We run a couple of golf days during the year (all abilities welcome!), and a Fight Night at The Clapham Grand, where we look for willing fighters as well as supporters!

Fundraise for us

From national sporting events to Lily occasions, your staff members could participate as individuals or in teams. For keen runners, we have guaranteed places for a number of national organised events including the iconic London Marathon and Great North Run. And if you’re not a runner, that’s ok – you can swim, walk, cycle, bungee jump or even leap out of a plane for team Lily if you’d prefer. Taking part in activities like these can boost your team’s mental and physical health and build morale. By signing up to our newsletters, colleagues can keep up to date with everything we have taking place.

Make a corporate donation

Whether it’s a one-off gift or a longer-term commitment, your generosity could help us continue to offer our support services to mitochondrial disease patients and expand our research strategy. Or you could choose to make a gift in kind donation for one of our events, such as a goody bag, raffle prize or auction item that money can’t buy.

Sign up to Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is one of the most cost-effective ways to donate The Lily Foundation. It’s simple to join and tax-free, meaning that if you make a donation of £10, only £8 will come out of your salary and the taxman pays the difference.

Donate your services

You don’t need to donate money to help our cause – your services could play a vital role too. Whether you’re a catering company who could donate refreshments at an event or a photographer who would like to help us showcase our fabulous supporters and researchers, we’d love to hear from you.

Spread the word

And finally, simply by telling other people about mitochondrial disease, and the work of The Lily Foundation, you can continue to help us put mito on the map. When you’re a small charity like we are, it can be difficult to be heard. Just by making one other person aware of mitochondrial disease, you and your team can help spread the word. It doesn’t cost a penny and it could help bring us another step closer to a cure.