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Fighting mito,
finding hope.

5 Lily fundraisers standing on a pebble beach in  swimming shorts and Lily T-shirts, ready to take the plunge! 5 Lily fundraisers standing on a pebble beach in  swimming shorts and Lily T-shirts, ready to take the plunge!

Fundraise for Lily

Join the fight against mitochondrial disease

Thank you for choosing to raise funds for our charity to help fight mitochondrial disease. Every penny you raise helps support patients affected by mito, and helps advance research towards effective treatments and that all-important cure.

We’re so grateful for your support, and will do everything we can to support you in your chosen charity challenge. There are so many ways to raise money for charity, so our Lily Foundation charity events page is a great place to start. And once you’ve chosen your challenge, if you’re unsure how to get going, we’ve pulled together a few hints and tips below to kickstart your fundraising journey.

  • Choose a fundraiser that’s right for you

Of course, you want to challenge yourself, but if you hate running, it’s probably not realistic to sign up for the London Marathon. if you’re doing something outside of your comfort zone, you’ll probably find people give more generously. And tying your fundraiser in with a special event, or doing it in honour of a loved one, will often attract more support.

  • Get online

It’s never too early to start seeking out sponsorship, so even if your event isn’t till next year, the sooner you start telling people about it, the more you can raise in awareness and funds. Get yourself set up on a fundraising platform like JustGiving – it’s easy to set up a personal page for your challenge, and you can add photos and tell your own story to make it even more compelling.

  • Set yourself a target

You want a target that’s realistic but also ambitious. Remember, if you hit your target quickly you can always increase it, whereas if the amount you’ve set starts to feel like an insurmountable obstacle, you’ll quickly start to get demoralised and that may have an adverse effect on your preparation.

  • Don’t be shy!

The more people you tell about what you’re doing, the more support you’ll receive! Many people will want to support you when they find out what you’re doing, and they’ll probably be happy to spread the word on your behalf too. Ask colleagues as well as friends and family, and check whether your employer offers matched funding to help boost your pot.

  • Say thank you

Make sure you personally thank everybody who donates to your cause. Keeping your fundraising page updated with progress you make ahead of your challenge, and then telling people all about your achievements afterwards, is also a great way to keep them in the loop, and makes them feel their donation is appreciated.

Head over to our resource hub where you can download lots of helpful materials like our fundraising pack and sponsorship form to get you started on your fundraising mission.