Go on a garden hunt

How many of these things can you find in your garden?

Your garden is full of interesting plants and creatures! Some are easier to find than others. How many can you find?

1. A floppy flower

Can you find a flower that has floppy leaves? What does it smell like? Maybe it needs a drink!

2. A scratchy shrub

Some plants have prickles to protect them. Can you find one? Watch out for those scratchy bits!

3. A wriggly wriggly worm

Worms live under the ground and help keep the soil soft. Sometimes you uncover them when you dig the garden, and they wriggle back underground!

4. A busy bee

Bees are the busiest creatures in the garden. They never stop buzzing from flower to flower, collecting pollen. What food comes from a bee?

5. A smooth stone

Your garden is full of stones, but no two are the same. Can you find a smooth shiny one? 

6. A really rough rock

Rocks are bigger than stones, and heavier too! Try looking underneath one – are there any tiny creatures living there?

7. A bird on a branch

Birds love gardens! Sometimes they hop on the lawn looking for worms, or perch high up in a tree. How many different birds can you spot?

8. Some small seeds

Seeds start off really tiny, but they can grow to become really big plants. Can you grow a plant from the seeds you find?

9. A beautiful bug

Bugs might be small, but they're really important to our ecosystem. Can you spot one? How many legs does it have?

10. A very tasty vegetable

Do you have any vegetables growing in your garden? If not, perhaps you could plant some. When they grow you can have a tasty salad. Yum yum!

If you're enjoying your garden hunt, why not take a photo of your finds and share it on social media? Let us know what else you find!