How big can your sunflower grow?

Springtime is the ideal time for growing sunflowers. They are so easy to grow, require little space, and with their big yellow flowers they bring a smile to any garden. Planted in a sunny spot, sunflowers can grow up to 6 to 10 feet high.

Here's what to do

  1. Not all sunflowers are tall, so be sure to opt for a tall variety of sunflower seed, such as a Giant or Giraffe.

  2. Fill a medium-sized flower pot with a peat-free, multipurpose compost to about 2cm below the rim.
  3. Poke a single sunflower seed into the top, then cover it over with about 1cm more compost, and water it well so the compost is moist.

  4. Cut a plastic bottle in half, and place it over the seed. This keeps it warm and helps it to germinate. Place it somewhere sheltered outside, where it will get lots of sunlight.

  5. Once your seedling has grown to about a 30cm tall, you can transplant it to a sunny patch of garden. Be sure to water it well, and check it regularly for slugs and snails!

  6. As your sunflower grows taller, you might need to support it with a bamboo cane. Push the cane into the ground next to the sunflower, and tie it loosely to the stem.


Sunflowers grow fast! A fun way to keep track of its growth is to make your own giant sunflower tape measure out of cardboard. Decorate it however you like. Mark your sunflower's height on it every few days, along with the date, and see whose grows the tallest!