5 Great Reasons To Run The London Marathon For Lily

9 October 2018

Running The London Marathon for The Lily Foundation, fighting Mitochondrial Disease

Already booked your place in the 2019 London Marathon? From dedicated cheering squads to a free massage, here are 5 great reasons to run for The Lily Foundation and help fight mitochondrial disease.

1. You’ll be running for a great cause.

Running for a good cause gives extra motivation to prepare, train and run your marathon. Everyone who runs for Lily says that when the going gets tough, just thinking of the very sick children and adults they are helping to support gives them the energy to keep going. By raising funds for The Lily Foundation, you’ll be making a real difference to the lives of patients and their families with every stride. 

2. You’ll have an instant (very loud) fanbase. 

We know how important it is to have the crowd on your side, so to help give you that extra push when it counts we station specially trained Lily cheering squads along the route. These crack teams include Lily staff members, volunteers, and families of people affected by mitochondrial disease. When they see your Lily T-shirt you will feel the noise, and know you're part of something special!

3. Did we mention the T-shirt? 

If you're running for The Lily Foundation, we want everyone to know about it! When you sign up, we’ll send you one of our eye-catching technical running tops so you can wear your Lily colours with pride on the big day. 

4. We'll help out with the fundraising. 

Our friendly fundraising team will support you with ideas to help you get the most out of your marathon, including setting up your personal Just Giving page. That leaves you more time to get out there and pound the pavements!

5. You get a post-race pub meal, drink and massage!

To show just how much we appreciate your support, we’ve booked a pub close to the finish line. That's right, a whole pub! Jog into the Horse & Groom in Belgravia for a special Lily reception, complete with a well-earned beer, buffet meal and a soothing leg rub by professional osteopath. The perfect way to end your 2019 London Marathon!

Interested in running your London Marathon for The Lily Foundation? Great! Email [email protected] and we'll get things moving. We look forward to welcoming you to Team Lily!