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10 ways to boost your fundraising


1 February 2018

Thank you for signing up for a charity challenge and raising funds to help fight mitochondrial disease. To help you get the most out of your fundraising efforts we’ve put together 10 tips to boost your donations and raise awareness about our cause.

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1. Invite friends and colleagues to get involved

Send a brief email to friends and colleagues asking them to support you in your challenge. Include a link to our animation which explains what mitochondrial disease is if they don’t already know about The Lily Foundation, as well as a link to your personal fundraising page. Make sure you include a personal message about why you’ve chosen to support our charity and what it means to you.

2. Share your campaign on social media

Do you have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account? If so, you can use them to share your reasons for supporting The Lily Foundation, along with a link to your fundraising page. It can be helpful to share some of the headline facts about mitochondrial disease:

  • Every other day a child is born in the UK who may develop mitochondrial disease.
  • Mitochondrial disease is linked to autism, diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.
  • Mitochondrial disease is a common cause of strokes and seizures in children.
  • Mitochondrial disorders are among the most common forms of inherited neurological conditions.

Keep pushing your message by posting regular training updates. Include photos and short video clips if you can, remembering to wear your Lily t-shirt. Tag us on different social media platforms, and help spread awareness right from the moment you sign up.

3. Engage local businesses

Most of us have a favourite café, corner shop, beautician, hairdresser, restaurant or pub that we visit regularly. Have you considered asking them to have a Lily Foundation collection tin on their premises to try and generate some support? You could create a small poster to explain why you’re raising money to fight mitochondrial disease. Lily posters designed for this are included in our fundraising pack, which you can request by emailing [email protected].

4. Hold a raffle

Ask friends and local businesses to donate small prizes which you could use to run a raffle in your workplace, sports club, gym, community centre or village hall. You can sell raffle tickets on the day of the raffle without needing a licence. Be sure to have some Lily leaflets available for people to take away and learn more about what the charity is about.

5. Organise a cake sale

We do love our cakes in the UK, and most people will have a family favourite whether it be a simple banana loaf or a showpiece gateau. Ask friends and family to bake for you and advertise your sale locally using our posters. Charging a small fee for a slice of cake with a cup of tea or coffee is a great way to get people networking and talking about your campaign. You’ll be surprised by how much this can raise towards your fundraising target!

6. Get your school or workplace involved

If you have children, ask their school if they would be willing to support you by having a mufti day where each child donates £1 towards The Lily Foundation. Alternatively, if you work in a large organisation you could ask everyone to wear something pink for Lily (anything from socks and ties to shoes or hair bands) and pay £5 towards your sponsorship. This can be a fun way to generate discussion and awareness of mitochondrial disease, whilst adding to your fundraising total!

7. Hold a car boot sale

Who doesn’t need to declutter now and again? Perhaps this is the perfect time to clear out those unwanted household items, books, clothes and so on and take them along to the local car boot sale. To boost your potential revenue, encourage your friends and family to donate their unwanted items too – many will be glad of the opportunity to clear some space.

8. Arrange a quiz night

Holding a quiz night at your local pub, school or church can be a great way to engage the local community, raise awareness and add to your fundraising total. There are lots of quizzes you can download from the internet. Throw in some little prizes for the winning team – funniest answer, losing team etc. Starting the evening with a simple Heads or Tails game for £1 or £2 per person will also help boost your fundraising on the night.

9. Have a ‘Lily’s Got Talent’ evening

So many kids love to perform and entertain, whether it be singing, dancing, playing an instrument, reciting a poem or telling jokes. Arrange a talent show at your local school, church or community hall and charge a small entrance fee. No doubt parents, friends and relatives will turn out to see the show and support the performers. Introducing the event with a short talk about your campaign will help spread awareness about mitochondrial disorders and introduce more people to The Lily Foundation.

10. Keep fundraising even after your event

Many donations come in on the day of the event, triggered by your social media updates and testimonies from the experience. Some people will be waiting to see if you complete your event before they donate, while others may be so impressed with your achievements that they’re inspired to donate again.

The key thing to remember is that every penny you raise for The Lily Foundation will make a difference to the lives of those affected by a mitochondrial disease diagnosis. We’re truly grateful for your support and wish you well for your challenge!

Making the leap into fundraising

A man and a woman strapped together flying through the sky after their parachute jump

If you’d like to take part in a fundraising challenge but you’re not sure where to start, read Sarah’s story. What began as a simple birthday fundraiser ended up with a leap from a plane and a grand total of over £20,000 raised in the fight against mitochondrial disease.

Raising money for charity isn’t as hard as you might think, especially when you have a strong community around you who are happy to sponsor you and spread the word about your challenge. So make that leap – sign up today to support The Lily Foundation and be part of something really special.

Read Sarah’s story