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Drug information

If you or a loved one has a diagnosis of mitochondrial disease, you may have concerns about whether you can still safely rely on any drugs or medicines you might already be taking, or those to treat minor ailments.

In 2020, as an initiative of the International Mito Patients (IMP), a group of experts in mitochondrial disease (doctors, pharmacists and scientists) carried out a study into the safety of medicines in mitochondrial disease patients.

The study took place on an international level, and after careful consideration and consultation resulted in the publication of a list of drugs that are considered safe to use in primary mitochondrial disease.

They also published a list of drugs considered dangerous, or to be used with caution.

Remember, side effects can occur with any medicine in any patient, and may not be related to your mitochondrial disease. It’s therefore essential that you take the advice of your own doctor before taking any medicines, and read the information given with any drug.

You can find more information about this list, and medicines for mitochondrial disease patients, on the NHS Rare Mitochondrial Disorders Service website.

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