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Further support

Little life hacks to make living with mitochondrial disease that little bit easier every day

There is more help available, but sometimes it’s knowing where to look. We endeavour to make mitochondrial disease patients and their families aware of every benefit or extra that they might be eligible for. Because sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference.

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice is a network of independent charities offering free confidential information and advice by email, webchat, phone or in person. They assist with legal, debt, consumer, housing and other problems.

Social care

Services are available to help mitochondrial disease patients and carers dealing with illness and disability. These vary from help at home from a paid carer to meals on wheels, from home adaptations and specialist equipment to different types of housing, depending on your individual needs. Visit the NHS website to find out more.

Medical alert cards

We fund medical alert cards for patients, which provide key contact details of a patient’s specialist that can be presented to hospital teams unfamiliar with mitochondrial disease during an emergency admission. If you’d like to order one of these cards, please email [email protected].

Access to Work

Access to Work is a government programme designed to help you get or stay in work if you have a physical or mental health condition or disability. Depending on individual needs, the scheme awards grants for things like specialist equipment and assistive software, physical changes to a workplace or adaptations to a vehicle in order to get to work.

Family Fund Mobility Support

Family Fund Mobility Support is a programme that helps families raising a disabled or seriously ill child under three years old to meet their mobility needs through a car-leasing package for a limited period. The programme is provided by Family Fund and Motability. Learn more and apply.

CEA card

The Cinema Exhibitors Association Card (CEA card) can be used to allow a carer to get in free to a cinema when accompanying a person who is in receipt of a qualifying disability benefit.

When visiting any entertainment venue it’s always worth asking if they have a carers’ scheme.

Just Can’t Wait card

This is a card you can carry to help you access toilets where there are no public toilets available. You can get a paper copy or download the app. Find out more.

RTC Travel

RTC Travel are a travel agent who can arrange specialist holidays for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility. They have access to a range of hotels around the world that cater for disabilities, and all their flight-inclusive packages are ATOL-protected for added peace of mind.

Insurance policies

Health insurance

If you have mitochondrial disease and are looking for private health insurance, it’s important to disclose your medical condition fully and accurately during the application process. Insurance providers may exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions, including treatments, medications and related complications, or they may charge higher premiums.

Travel insurance

If you plan to travel, it’s crucial to obtain travel insurance that covers your pre-existing medical condition. Many travel insurance policies may have restrictions on pre-existing conditions, so it’s essential to compare different insurance providers and select one that offers suitable coverage for your specific needs.

Life insurance

Life insurance may be available, but premiums could be higher due to the presence of a pre-existing condition. It’s essential to shop around, compare quotes and discuss your mitochondrial disease prognosis and any medical history openly with insurance providers to find the best options.

Check existing insurance policies to see if you have any critical insurance cover – this includes mortgage protection cover.

Coping with serious illness and bereavement

Together for Short Lives are a charity supporting seriously ill children and their families. They offer financial, emotional and practical support for those caring for a child or young person with a serious illness.

If you’ve lost a child to mitochondrial disease, professional counselling can help. We work in partnership with Child Bereavement UK to support families from the point of diagnosis to coping with bereavement and beyond. Visit www.childbereavement.org.uk for more information.

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