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Virtual coffee mornings

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Everyone enjoys a cuppa and a natter with friends – and that’s no different for mitochondrial disease sufferers. Patients may be scattered all across the country, but it’s easy for them to come together over Zoom for these weekly get-togethers.

What began early in lockdown as a means of supporting patients and families who were being forced to shield has turned into a regular date in the diary. Over 3 years later they're still going strong, with new people regularly joining for support.

In a warm, informal setting, they’re a great way to help people with mitochondrial disease feel less isolated and better informed about their condition, and often include Q&A sessions with specialist doctors and other experts working in the field of mitochondrial disease.

For more information please email [email protected].

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A safe space and an amazing hour I look forward to having in my week. You can laugh, cry, connect, be inspired and be understood with an incredible group of people who get you”

— Dymphna, mitochondrial disease patient