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Dad on mountain bike, towing his daughters adjusted wheelchair. stopped at the top of a hill to enjoy the view Dad on mountain bike, towing his daughters adjusted wheelchair. stopped at the top of a hill to enjoy the view

Lily Wish Fund

If you suffer from mitochondrial disease, our grant scheme could help make your wish come true.

Since 2007 we’ve been providing much-needed support to sufferers of mitochondrial disease, their families and carers. There are lots of ways to make the lives of affected families easier and more enjoyable, but they can come at a price. And that’s why the Lily Wish Fund exists.

The Lily Wish Fund is a grant scheme designed to give mito sufferers and their families access to something they might not normally be able to afford to improve their lives. That could be an adapted trike, pushchair or all-terrain buggy, to give your child some independence and the chance to play outdoors. Perhaps you’d like to fund changes to your home or garden to make it more accessible for someone with special needs.

Or maybe you'd simply appreciate a weekend away or a trip to the seaside. Whether you're living with mito, or dealing with the loss of a loved one to the disease, sometimes a short break and a change of scenery is a good opportunity for families to take time out from the present or adjust to a new future ahead.

Wishes we’ve already granted

We’ve already been able to help make wishes come true for so many people affected by mito. People like Bal, who with our assistance was able to bank her voice before she lost it completely; and Sean, Kerrie and Phoebe, for whom even a simple thing like a walk along the beach had become impossible. Until we helped them with the purchase of an all-terrain buggy, which meant that those much-missed seaside strolls were back on again.

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“I’m so grateful, I want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone at Lily and to everyone involved for helping me through the process of banking my voice. I will now always have a voice and that means so much to me”

– Bal, mito patient

Read Bal’s story here

Families like Mark, Ruth and Ivy, whose new buggy opened up almost unlimited opportunities; And Jason, who was in danger of losing his hearing, and his livelihood as a musician, before we stepped in to help.

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“The difference is incredible. With the in-ear monitors, I’m in complete control of what sound goes into my ears. Overall my hearing is doing a lot better, and that’s a massive step towards me being able to do this for a long time, so I’m really grateful.”

– Jason, mito patient

Read Jason’s story here

How does our Wish Fund work?

If you would like The Lily Foundation to grant you or your loved one a wish, please provide us with some information about what you'd like us to help fund, and explain how it will benefit your child or yourself. Applications are decided on a case-by-case basis, but please note that if you’ve had a previous wish granted within the last year, this will be taken into account when considering any subsequent applications. For more information or an application form email [email protected].

Please be aware that we also offer a crisis fund should you or your family need access to emergency funds. In this scenario, please email [email protected].

If you or your loved one is affected by mito, what will you wish for?