Computerised neurocognitive assessment in patients with Mitochondrial disease

What is this study about?

This study is a single-centre non-interventional pilot study to assess whether computerised methods of cognitive assessment correlate with traditional methods of assessment in patients with mitochondrial disease and whether these methods can be used as an outcome measure in clinical trials.

Who can take part? 

The recruitment is currently open in Newcastle upon Tyne to potential participants who are >18 years old, have a genetically confirmed mitochondrial DNA mutation and are willing to participate in research activities.

Due to the nature of the assessments, patients with an extremely severe or uncorrected deafness, blindness, severe ataxia and/or those lacking capacity would not be able to take part in the study.

What's involved in taking part?

Participants are invited to a baseline visit where consent will be obtained.

Study procedures involve questionnaires, traditional methods of cognitive assessment and computerised methods of assessment.

This is a non-interventional study, meaning that no medications or therapy will be given to the participants. We also do not require any biological samples (e.g. blood or muscle biopsy).

The baseline visit lasts between 1.5-2 hours. Study participants will be invited to a follow up visit in 1- year.

Where is the study taking place?

The study is being run by the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Trust (NuTH)

How do I find out more?

If you are interested in finding out more about the study please contact Isabel Barrow (Research Nurse);

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 0191 208 3008