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By giving a regular gift of £10 a month, you'll be providing hope, support, community and vital research that could change the future of mitochondrial diseases.

How research makes a difference

"We're Anna and Steve, and in 2017 we received the devastating diagnosis that our 18 month old baby girl Charlotte had Leigh syndrome, a mitochondrial disease. Sadly only 8 months later our darling girl was lost to this horrible condition.

The Lily Foundation was there for us from the point of diagnosis. They supported us emotionally, practically, and when the time was right, helped us with the information we needed to plan our future. That turned out to be another beautiful little girl, Charlie's sister, Olive.

The medical research that The Lily Foundation funds, and the support it gives to families like ours, gives the chance to hope for a healthy baby and for happiness again. The process of having another baby has not been easy or simple, but it has been possible and for us that is everything! Knowing our baby is healthy is truly the greatest gift, and we can't thank Lily enough for the time and money they put into research and to all their supporters and fundraisers who effectively made Olive possible for us."

Meet Yasmin, one of our amazing researchers

"Hello, I am Yasmin, a PhD student working within the Wellcome Centre for Mitochondrial Research at Newcastle University.

I undertake doctoral studies on the identification and characterisation of genetic variants causing mitochondrial disease, funded by the Lily Foundation.

This project is not only important to support and improve the genetic diagnosis we can offer families but also in the development of potential treatments for patients with mitochondrial disease.

Lily-funded research is hugely accelerating progress in uncovering mitochondrial disease mechanisms which will ultimately lead to the development of effective treatments and cures for patients with mitochondrial disease. 

I love my work, please help keep this amazing research going."

Fund research that brings hope and changes lives

We currently fund two dedicated Lily researchers and 14 research projects, working towards making breakthroughs possible and finding cures and treatments for mito.

• Your support will help fund world-leading research

We are proud to be largest charitable funder of mitochondrial research in Europe, but we rely entirely on public donations to do that. Help us keep advancing the search for life-changing treatments, and get us closer to finding a cure for mito!

• Your support will provide life-changing care

We provide a range of specialist services for vulnerable people affected by mito, including patients, their families and carers, so they don't have to cope with this devastating condition alone. By supporting us, you help us keep up this vital work. 

• Your support will help educate and raise awareness

Educating and raising awareness about mito helps drive research, improves detection and diagnosis, and ensures those affected get the support the need. Help us keep mito on the map!

What you'll receive

When you sponsor a researcher, you will become a Lily Regular Giver. We'll send you a Lily Mito Awareness Pin so you can proudly show your support and raise awareness. We'll also send you a biannual newsletter with exclusive research updates and other Lily news. 

Thank you for making a difference!